Taking inspiration from October this textile wreath features autumn leaves, acorns, conkers, yew and toadstools.  Based on botanical drawings from The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. Perfect for Autumn birthdays, births, weddings and anniversaries.


(Can be customised with flowers/foliage of your choice)

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Autumn Wreath

Striped wreath paired with autumn inspired flowers, plants and foliage.  Can be customised with flowers of your choice.


Diameter – Medium (20cm) or Large (25cm)

Depth Up to 5cm


Stuffing: 100% Carded Virgin Fibre Extra Soft Polyester Fibre Filling; Complies with the British Fire Safety Regulations

Yarn: 100% Premium Acrylic 

May be a slight variation in colour due to wool shades and yarn finish


To keep this statement piece clean, brush down with a soft bristled brush to clean off the dust.


Large, Medium