Wingspan Barn Owl


Sometimes known as the ‘Ghost Owl’ because of its white face and night hunting flights, Barn Owls screech rather than hoot.

This version of thw owl shows the beauty of its wingspan as it takes to flight or lands.  You can enjoy its beauty with this silent faux taxidermy version. 

Handmade yarn crocheted. Made to order. Please allow 5 days for dispatch.

Bespoke options also available. Please Email for further details.


Available in a variety of colours or bespoke to suit your scheme. this charming piece is the perfect addition for bird lovers or to complement farmhouse, modern country décor, or steampunk décor.


Height (talons to top of head) 20cm

Width (wing tip to wing tip 35cm)


Stuffing: 100% Carded Virgin Fibre Extra Soft Polyester Fibre Filling; Complies with the British Fire Safety Regulations

Yarn: 100% Premium Cotton

Please note there maybe a slight variation in colour due to wool shades.


To keep this statement piece clean, brush down with a soft bristled brush to clean off the dust.

Adapted from a pattern by Vanessa Mooncie